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These are some of the projects I feel really proud of having been involved.

  • infographics - alvaro costela-02


  • flat design - alvaro costela-01

Flat design

  • business heroes - alvaro costela-01

Networking events

  • Iceland guide - Alvaro Costela-02

Iceland travel guide

  • USA travel guide - alvaro costela-01

USA travel guide

  • this liverpool - alvaro costela-02

ThIS Liverpool App

  • this magazine - alvaro costela-01

ThIS Magazine

  • torre hueca - alvaro costela-01

Torre Hueca

  • st georges quarter website - alvaro costela-01

St George’s Quarter website

  • this liverpool commercial district BID alvaro costela

ThIS Summer Event

  • St Jordi - Liverpool BID - Alvaro Costela - 02

St Jordi, Rose and Book Swap