As a consultant

I am a consultant in the creative and marketing field, I help businesses communicate and engage better with their audiences.

I have experience dealing with public and private organizations and businesses specialising in retail, leisure, hospitality, BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) and CICs (Community Interest Companies).

I provide a holistic approach to clients from digital strategy and developing a website to making the most of social media and designing promotional materials.

My areas of work include:

Digital Strategy
Content Marketing
Social Media
Advertising on Facebook & Twitter
Email Marketing

Hosting and Domains
Responsive Website Design
CMS management

Graphic Design
Publication Design
Promotional materials

As a speaker

I am also a speaker about BIDs, urban development, marketing, retail and tourism. Some of my recent conferences include:

  • 2017  – Barcelona Oberta 3rd Summit (Barcelona, Spain)
    Round table about Town Centre Management and good practices on Public Private Partnership.

  • 2017 – Regional Town Centre Management Conference (Tenerife, Spain)
    Round table about PPP (Public Private Partnerships) and city management.

  • 2017 – International Congress on Government, Public Administration and Public Policies – GIGAPP (Madrid, Spain)
    Presented the paper “German BIDs as a model for Spain”.

  • 2017 – Pioneering Tourist Destinations Conference (Torremolinos, Spain)
    Round table about shopping destinations for delegates from the major tourist destinations in Spain.

  • 2017 – IESE Workshop – The future of the high street (Barcelona, Spain)
    Speaking to city stakeholders about BID management.

  • 2017 – CAME Town Centre Management Conference (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    Speaking to 1,000 people about marketing applied to city centres.

  • 2016 – Diploma in Town Centre Management and Planning (Valencia, Spain)
    Masterclass delivered about best practices in BIDs.

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As a researcher

I research about BIDs (Business Improvement Districts), my papers are accessible below: